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Why Your Pet’s Dental Health Matters

Why Your Pet’s Dental Health Matters

When was the last time you brushed your pet’s teeth? If you answered never, you aren’t alone. Most pets develop the early stages of periodontal disease by three years of age, and keeping their pearly whites healthy is often an uphill battle for pet owners....

Cats: Inside or Outside?

Cats: Inside or Outside?

Since domestic cats have evolved from wild felines, should they be allowed to roam freely outside? Some believe that cats should be kept safely indoors. Others believe that cats will have a more fulfilling life if allowed to hunt and explore in the great...

What You Need To Know About Heartworm

What You Need To Know About Heartworm

What is heartworm? Heartworm disease is a potentially fatal infection caused by heartworms, a type of roundworm that live in the heart, lungs, and surrounding blood vessels of affected animals. Although it can be successfully treated, a heartworm infection...

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