Cat-Tober Event & Cat Contest

It’s Cat-Tober Time again!

Announcing our annual Cat-tober event, hosted by Village Park Animal Hospital, from October to December! During this time, for every Cat Exam, we are offering a FREE nail trim, as well as a chance to be entered for our monthly Raffle Prize of either: Bloodwork, a Prize Basket, or a Free Boarding Weekend (Fri – Mon.) During this time our goal is to promote cat health awareness and encourage better quality of life through regular annual exams, bloodwork, and promoting pet insurance to help cover the financial aspect of taking good care of our furry friends. Please join us in the fight for the best quality, and prolonged life spans, of our beloved cats.

We will again be hosting our Annual evening event, Cat-turday Night Live, on Saturday, November 16, 2019 from 5pm – 7pm. This CAT- TASTIC night will include hors d’oeuvers, guest speaker, an hourly raffle for cat goodie bags, voting for the most impressively decorated cat-themed wreaths (made by our VPAH staff,) the announcement of our Cat Photo Contest Winners, and MORE!


Voting Categories for the event are:
– Best dressed
– Unusual coat
– Most adventurous
– Prettiest eyes
– Sweetest sleeper

Voting will be open until November 6th. Winners will be announced the evening of Caturday Night Live (Nov. 16th) 



Breanna Churchman, Owner of Saydie, 6 year old Bengal

Categories: Best Dressed, Prettiest Eyes, Unusual Coat


Karen McHattie, Owner of Lillie, 14 year old Brown & White tabby

Categories: Unusual Coat, Most Adventurous


Donna Weston, Owner of Ted aka Teddy, 3 year old Selkirk Rex Red & White

Categories: Unusual Coat, Best Dressed


Bev Adams & Jean Winfield, Owners of Corky, 2 year old Orange Tabby & Rascal, 2 year Black & White Shorthair

Category: Sweetest Sleepers


Mikayla Duchene, Owner of Rolls Royce, 3 years old

Category: Sweetest Sleeper, Unusual Coat.


Sally McKenna, Owner of Rita, Calico

Category: Unusual Coat, Prettiest Eyes


Kathy Schowe, Owner of Amigo, 19 weeks, Lynx Siamese
Category: Prettiest Eyes

Tonto, 2 year old Chocolate Point Siamese & Amigo
Category: Sweetest Sleepers

Voting is closed